• Is outpatient treatment the right level of care for me?  Outpatient treatment usually involves meeting with a therapist 1-2 times a week, a dietitian once a week, a physician regularly, and sometimes a psychiatrist.  If you are unsure of the appropriate level of care, I suggest that you schedule an initial assessment with a therapist and/or a dietitian.  During this session you can discuss which level of care is recommended.
  • Does insurance cover nutrition counseling?  I am not currently on any insurance panels, and I am an out-of-network provider.  Some insurance companies will cover such services, and some will not.  Please contact your insurance company to learn more about your specific insurance coverage.
  • Should I see a therapist or a dietitian first?  There is no right or wrong path.  Getting started is often the most difficult and yet most important step.  Usually once you meet with your first practitioner, he/she will provide referrals as needed.
  • How long will this process take?  Unfortunately, there is no set time frame for treatment.  The length of time required may be impacted by the initial severity and/or length of time struggling before treatment, the level of motivating factors for change, the presence of dual diagnoses, the level of support received from family and friends, etc.  

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Eating Disorders

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, it can be difficult and frustrating to know what support to utilize.  Eating disorder treatment is ideally a multidisciplinary approach, and I work closely with therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians to provide clients with integrative care.  

I utilize various approaches to help individuals develop healthier relationships with food and their bodies, including meal planning, intuitive eating, mindfulness, intentional movement, and much more.